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Elvis : Born To Rock : Elvis Presley Book

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Elvis Born To Rock contains more than 320 photos on over 150 pages, and the majority of the shots are professionally taken and in brilliant colour. The professional shots of three concerts in a breathtaking quality will give you a "first row feeling". The candids complete the historic view with background information, funny or remarkable situations on stage and Elvis off stage in many little occurrences happened around the tour of July 1975. It is a perfect composition to turn back the time and to dip into a period were Elvis rule the world and enthuses the masses.

The book celebrates the two concerts of July 19th 1975 in a unique and impressive manner. It starts with the appearance at the airport as Elvis flies into New York. It shows Elvis on the way to the hotel from the airport, from the hotel to the Nassau Colisuem, and finally Elvis on stage. Also included are interesting photos of the Nassau coliseum, concert tickets and actual memorabilia that was sold during this tour in 1975.

Besides the uncountable photos, a lot of information is waiting for you. Overviews on the according tour schedule with statements of places and experience reports of fans, who experienced the concerts live, news paper articles, listings from 1975 directly with events concerning Elvis and a short overview on the most important world events of that time. . These mentioned attributes mark out the "Born To Rock" project and ensure that - without a doubt - the product may be called a book ... Read more.

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Elvis - Born To Rock - Elvis Presley Book

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