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Elvis: The Lost Performances 1, 2 and 3 DVDs (Elvis Presley)

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Elvis: The Lost Performances Vols. 1, 2 and 3 DVDs. Bonus discs with this set: 'Having Fun With Elvis OFF Stage' Volume 1 CD, 'Having Fun With Elvis OFF Stage' Volume 2 CD, 'Elvis Through My Eyes' DVD. 10 fantastic photos printed on Fuji Film Paper (Professional Prints i.e. NOT Kmart junk) - simply stunning!!!

  1. DVD. Elvis: The Lost Performances Vol. 1 DVD
  2. DVD. Elvis: The Lost Performances Vol. 2 DVD
  3. DVD. Elvis: The Lost Performances Vol. 3 DVD
  4. DVD. Elvis: Through My Eyes DVD
  5. CD. Having Fun With Elvis OFF Stage Vol. 1 CD
  6. CD. Having Fun With Elvis OFF Stage Vol. 2 CD
  7. Elvis Photos. 10 Quality Photos on Fuji Film Photo paper (HIGH-Quality Prints)

PAL or NTSC Formats. Region 0 (Free) Elvis : The Lost Performances Volumes 1, 2 and 3 DVDs contains material found by accident in the vaults during a routine inspection in 1986. We get Elvis material from 'That's The Way It Is' (1970) both on stage and rehearsing, and performances from 'Elvis On Tour' (1972). For anyone who suspected that the producers of the excellent 'That's the Way It Is' had more worthwhile concert footage available to them than they included in the final release, here it is! (or at least some of it).

The DVD really shines. The Las Vegas performances in 1970 capture Elvis at his most vibrant. He had rediscovered live performance only two years earlier and was still reveling in the power that he held over his audience. The highlights are a medley of 'Daddy Don't Cry' and 'In the Ghetto', two songs that are inevitably overlooked in later years. Then we have live performances from the 'Elvis on Tour' 1972 documentary, outtakes from which make up the second half of this presentation. I actually prefer this to 'That's The Way It Is' as it focus' on the songs Elvis did best. But it is a classic. Do you remember when you first saw this on video back in the 1990s? Now today it has lost none of its appeal.

Quality Great picture quality and stereo sound. Originally released on VHS in 1992, now on DVD.

Sandwiched in between these two 'sets' is rehearsal footage for the Vegas shows. Elvis plays guitar, (really!!!) and leads the central elements of his backing band, James Burton, Ronnie Tutt, Jerry Scheff and Charlie Hodge, through some early classics such as 'Don't'. Elvis just starts to play what he wants and its up to the rest of the band to pick it up and follow. Fascinating stuff.

This DVD is an essential purchase for any Elvis fan. 

Elvis Presley Video Video : How Great Thou Art

Elvis Presley Video Video : The Wonder Of You

Track listing.

The Lost Performances

Las Vegas : 1970

Walk A Mile In My Shoes [12/08/1970 Dinner show]
The Wonder of You
[13/08/1970 Dinner show]
Don't Cry Daddy
/ In The Ghetto [13/08/1970 Dinner show]
There Goes My Everything
[11/08/1970 Dinner show]
Make The World Go Away
[13/08/1970 Dinner show]
Just Pretend
[11/08/1970 Dinner show]
Heartbreak Hotel
[12/08/1970 Dinner show]
Twenty Days And Twenty Nights
[12/08/1970 Dinner show]
Love Me
[11/08/1970 Dinner show]
Hound Dog
[11/08/1970 Dinner show]
Don't Be Cruel [12/08/1970 Dinner show]

Rehearsal : MGM Soundstage : LA 29/07/1970

I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water
I Was The One
Cattle Call
Baby Let's Play House
Money Honey

Hampton Coliseum : VA : 09/04/72

All Shook Up
Teddy Bear
/ Don't Be Cruel
Are You Lonesome Tonight?
[Straight rendition complete with dialogue!]
I Can't Stop Loving You
You How Great Thou Art

Greensboro Coliseum - NC - 14/04/1972

Release Me [chug-a-lug version]

Rehearsal : MGM Soundstage : LA - 15/07/1970

I Can't Stop Loving You

PAL or NTSC Formats. Region 0 (Free) 'The Lost Performances' II is a new 2 DVD set with an additional 2.5 hours of new footage and edits, to compliment the original DVD release. A real bonus is the recently found I'm Left You're Right She's Gone live version, audio only with rare film. Includes newly found fifties footage, UNRELEASED so far as well as actual footage of Elvis singing the song Tonight's All Right For Love - the European version IMPOSSIBLE to find.

  • Didja Ever - Rare footage of Elvis on the set and meeting the queen of Thailand!
  • Blue Suede Shoes - The 'spliced' This is Elvis version, re-edited without the voice over.
  • Road Medley - Previously releases on the Alternate 68 Comeback, but this is a real gem, includes alternate footage and audio, a completely NEW road medley is made with outtakes.

Track listing.

I'm Left You're Right She's Gone

Recently found live version, audio only with rare film

I Got A Woman
Tutti Frutti
I Was the One
Blue Suede Shoes
Heartbreak Hotel

Above tracks are all Dorsey Show performances, and very hard to find, complete edits make them very enjoyable!

I Want You, I Need You, I Love You
Hound Dog

Two tracks from the famous Milton Berle Show, although Hound Dog is well known, it nearly never is presented complete, here it is!

Tonight's All Right For Love (the European version IMPOSSIBLE to find!)
Didja Ever (Rare footage of Elvis on the set and meeting the queen of Thailand!)
Blue Suede Shoes (The 'spliced' This is Elvis version, re-edited without the voice over).
Road Medley (Previously released on the Alternate 68 Comeback, but this is a real gem, includes alternate footage and audio, a completely NEW road medley is made with outtakes).

You Gave Me A Mountain
Steamroller Blues
It's Over
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
What Now My Love
Welcome to My World
I'll Remember You

All performances of the January 12 (alternate) have been re-edited with new remastered sound (2013)

Jailhouse Rock (includes outtakes from the movie)

Nice to Go Traveling
Fame and Fortune
Stuck On You
Witchcraft/Love Me Tender

From the Frank Sinatra Timex Welcome Home Elvis show : Only Elvis performances are included to make it more watchable then the complete show.

You've Lost That Loving Feeling
Twenty Days and Twenty Nights
The Next Step Is Love (part)

August 7, 1970 rehearsals not released elsewhere in this format, again edited into complete performances.

I've Lost You (the forgotten version, as released on the original That’s The Way it is

(the forgotten version, as released on the original That’s The Way it is album, but in the movie another version was used.
Stranger in the Crowd, the August 13 live version, edited with new remastered sound, keep those speakers open!!!)

Stranger In The Crowd
Love Me
All Shook Up
Heartbreak Hotel
Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel
Hound Dog

On Tour rehearsals, these outtakes have been released on other DVDs, but here they are complete for the first time, without the annoying text in the picture! The sound is also much better!

Johnny B. Goode
Are You Lonesome Tonight?
What Now My Love
If I Can Dream

Last but not least some hard to find Elvis The Concert performances. Some were cut from the released DVD.


I Really Don't Want To Know (1977 CBS TV Special / 1970 Master)

'The Lost Performances 3' DVD

PAL or NTSC Formats. Region 0 (Free) 

Finally, with 'The Lost Performances 3' DVD we have new UNRELEASED footage. After the huge success of 'The Lost Performances Volume 2' here is a brand new release which includes some amazing stuff, all presented in WIDESCREEN!

It starts off just like the 'original' release, with an alternate version of 'Walk A Mile In My Shows' this time the August 12 M.S. version is used, and it looks more complete than ever. A great way to start the 'That's The Way It Is' 'treasures' segment, which includes some ultra rare, hard to find camera angles, in an amazing new sound (taken from master tapes).

Next up is a special 'ISO Cam' recording NBC did for their 1968 'Elvis' TV Special.

They used a 'hand-held' camera so as to be able to fill in gaps or errors that might have been made during the live control room switching. Seeing the show as a continuous feed from one hand-held camera captures the live experience of this June 29th, 6 pm show like never before. Of course, the sound of the tape has been edited with EXCELLENT sound.

On to the 'On Tour Segment' which has some great new edits on the March Rehearsal as well as excellent live performances;

'Live in Texas' includes unreleased performances of 'Suspicious Minds', 'For the Good Times' although the footage has some annoying text in the picture, a lot of work went into getting that to the background, so it is now a better viewing experience.

Also included is some great footage from 1971 dubbed with sound from 1972.

The program ends where it started with some more, cool 'That's The Way It Is' rehearsals for you to enjoy!

As a special bonus three tracks are included from the recent 'If I Can Dream' DVD, how this time in FULL color. The 'If I Can Dream' set was presented in b/w for continuity reasons, which worked very well, but now on their own, these tracks shine in color.

Also among the bonus selections is some UNRELEASED footage from 'Greensboro'. The text here is very annoying, which is why they were not included in the main program ... it does however include 'lost performances' of 'Love Me Tender', Suspicious Minds' and 'For the Good Times' - all never before released!

Overall we think this is the pick of the three volumes.

Elvis Presley Video Preview: Elvis: 'The Lost Performances 3' DVD (07:44)

Elvis News Latest Audio (and video) updates : Video courtesy of Elvis Presley Video Elvis Presley Video Central.

Track listing.

  1. Walk A Mile in My Shoes (August 12 M.S.)
  2. You Don't Have to Say You Love Me
  3. That's All Right (August 10 O.S.)
  4. Mystery Train/Tiger Man (August 10 O.S.)
  5. Polk Salad Annie (August 10 O.S.)
  6. You've Lost That Loving Feeling (August 11 M.S.)
  7. Patch It Up (August 10 O.S.)
  8. Little Sister/Get Back (August 12 M.S.)
  9. Heartbreak Hotel
  10. One Night
  11. Hound Dog
  12. All Shook Up
  13. Can't Help Falling in Love
  14. Jailhouse Rock
  15. Don't Be Cruel
  16. Blue Suede Shoes
  17. Love Me Tender
  18. Trouble/Guitar Man
  19. Baby What Do You Want Me To Do
  20. If I Can Dream
  21. Love Me (Hampton Roads)
  22. Always On My Mind
  23. Separate Ways
  24. See See Rider (Texas)
  25. Proud Mary (Texas)
  26. Never Been to Spain (Texas)
  27. Heartbreak Hotel ('71 footage with '72 sound)
  28. I Can't Stop Loving You ('71 footage with '72 sound)
  29. Suspicious Minds (Texas)
  30. Introductions by Elvis (Texas)
  31. For the Good Times (Texas)
  32. Burning Love (Texas)
  33. Yesterday/Hey Jude
  34. Stranger in the Crowd


  1. And the Grass Won't Pay No Mind
  2. In the Ghetto
  3. Steamroller Blues
  4. Suspicious Minds (Greensboro)
  5. Love Me Tender (Greensboro)
  6. Introductions by Elvis (Greensboro)
  7. For the Good Times (Greensboro)

'Elvis: Through My Eyes'

Track listing.

'Elvis: Through My Eyes' features an 11 minute segment of the March 31 rehearsal. This has been released on other DVDs, but this is the first time the songs are edited to get complete songs, a real treat for ears and eyes:

  1. Johnny B. Goode
  2. Always On My Mind
  3. Separate Ways
  4. Until It's Time for You to Go
  5. A Big Hunk O' Love
  6. Bridge Over Troubled Water
  7. An American Trilogy
  8. Burning Love
  9. Release Me
  10. Funny How Time Slips Away
  11. Love Me
  12. All Shook Up
  13. Heartbreak Hotel
  14. Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel
  15. Hound Dog
  16. Attraction to Elvis
  17. The Leukeamia Kid
  18. Back Stage
  19. Susan When She Tried
  20. Key to the City
  21. I Got A Woman
  22. Have the Fans Changed?
  23. Promised Land
  24. Elvis in car
  25. See See Rider
  26. Elvis talks
  27. Sweet, Sweet Spirit
  28. How Great Thou Art
  29. Press Conference
  30. That's All Right
  31. Proud Mary
  32. The Impossible Dream
  33. I Can't Stop Loving You
  34. Never Been to Spain
  35. You Gave Me A Mountain
  36. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy
  37. Can't Help Falling in Love

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