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We use PayPal as our payment gateway provider for the USA, Canada, the European Union (EU), New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

You should find that you can checkout with your credit card as you have always done. However, perhaps, the procedure is slightly different.

Once on the shopping cart page, simply click the 'Checkout with PayPal' button.

The 'Checkout with PayPal' button will take you to the PayPal checkout page, once there you can either checkout with a credit card (See image below), with or without an account, (However we strongly recommend everyone open a PayPal account.) or log-in and use an existing PayPal account. You can also get there by clicking the checkout button in the 'live' drop down cart, or the one found in the pop-up after clicking the add to cart button..

We do understand that many people are resistant to setting up log-in accounts etc., and the shop is designed so you should not have to - however it may be that PayPal force this in some countries. If this is the case you will have to set up an account. If so, for the reasons we have outlined below, really this should not bother anyone.

With a PayPal account checkout becomes so FAST, there is no need to enter your credit card details, name, address, just your email address and a password.

As per the image below, you should find text such as you can see where the arrow is pointed, or something similar. You can click this to open up the option to checkout with your credit card, with or without setting up a permanent account.

After clicking on 'Checkout with a Credit or Debit Card' .. you should see the following...

You then enter your details and click the yellow 'Pay' button ...

How to checkout with PayPal


Optional - We recommend you save your details while you are doing this, then next time you return to this shop - or any that uses PayPal your name, address and card details are stored (100% seculey) making checkout a breeze. But it is Optional.

This sets you up with a PayPal Account.


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