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This page is in case you are having any kind of problem with the shop.

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If you simply want to contact us click here.

Problems with our Contact Form or page?

If you have a technical problem with the regular contact form Self Help : Order Status page.or if you have submitted a 'Support Request' and you have both NOT received the auto-response reply nor any reply from us (then it would be that our mail is not reaching you because of junk mail filter or the like, as long as the subject was related to our shop) you can log-in to our WebPortal HelpDesk directly to read our reply and or communicate with us.

Looking for Something? .... Use the Search Luke

Seriously, there is no need to ask us if we sell an item, or where in the shop you can find it. Simply type the title in the search box found at the top of every shop page and you will find the item 100% of the time. It IS that GOOD. If you can't find something, please ask.

Still need help?

  • Anything with the shopping cart
  • Anything else ...

Here are a few ways YOU can solve this yourself ...

1/ For any type of problem with the website, shopping cart, and/or ordering -- The very first thing is to update your web browser. If your system, particularly your browser is out of date then then by updating it there will be a good chance of overcoming this problem. All PC's and Mac's have an 'update' function, and also a 'check for updates' function.

Done that and still you are having a problem?

2/ Change to another browser, Google Chrome is recommended, as is Firefox, or to Internet Explorer if you are not using that now. Done both of the above but still you have a problem?

Following is how WE can fix this for you ...

If any of the above does not fix the problem then WE can fix this for you --

But we need YOUR help. In order to be able to understand the problem you are having we need to know some specific information. All that you need to do is click here to go to http://supportdetails.com/

Important : You will see three fields to fill in at the top of the page;

– Your name
– Your email
– Recipient's email - that being us -- use faults@elvispresleyshop.com

Then we will BOTH receive an email with the info you see on the web-page.

We will then respond to you within 24-48 hours.


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