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Oh, NO, Not here ...


Checkout is simple and quick. You don't need to create an account (You can if you like after ordering), and you can checkout with PayPal without needing an account (although if you take the time to set one up it makes checkout much faster in future, most everywhere). If you still feel you need to, checkout our step-by-step guide to ordering.

ElvisPresleyShop.com is 100% Mobile Friendly.Shoppin' around ... ElvisPresleyShop.com

ElvisPresleyShop.com is fully mobile device compatible, and naturally works beautifully on all notebook and desk-top-computors. With the clear and growing trend of people not only shopping with smart phones and tablets, but using these as their sole means of 'surfing' the net, we are pleased to be able to present Elvis fans with the most advanced online Elvis shop.

User Friendly and Fast

Adding items to the cart.

ElvisPresleyShop.com has been designed to be ultra user friendly, and importantly FAST.

To add an item to the 'shopping cart', simply click the add button for any item.

Once registered, a small pop-up will appear with which you can either click to proceed to the shopping cart page, or one past that, to 'checkout'. Or you can simply click away from this to auto close the pop-up and add other items to the cart, and/or look around the shop.

Ad to cart.

Use the Search Luke

Seriously, there is no need to ask us if we sell an item, or where in the shop you can find it. Simply type the title in the search box found at the top of every shop page and you will find the item 100% of the time. It IS that GOOD. If you can't find something, please ask.

Live CartThe 'Live' Cart and Checkout

There is also a 'live' cart, this is found in the top right hand corner of every shop page. (Picture at right, and in full below).

Simply clicking on the number of items under the cart image will display a drop down where you can not only see all of the items you have in your cart, but ALSO the postage charge - and the total amount of your order

We DID say FAST and User friendly!!!! (Or was that User friendly and FAST!!!???).

Live cart example.


In most cases (United States, Canada, UK, most of Europe, New Zealand, Australia) - The price you see is what you pay - the total order value you see in the shopping cart is EXACTLY the same you will be BILLED and see on your credit card  statement.

Checking out

Checkout is simple.


Also in the top right hand corner is a 'checkout' button, (pictured above) allowing you to bypass the full 'shopping cart' page.

checkoutEither checkout via the 'checkout' button in the top right of every page, or, proceed to the actual 'shopping cart' page, once there ...

PayPal or regular

... you can choose to either 'Checkout with PayPal' or click the blue 'checkout' button and use your credit card.

You DO NOT NEED to have a PayPal account to checkout with PayPal.

The regular checkout Log-in

The regular checkout has the option of setting up a log-in after you place your order.

If you are buying from the shop for the first time you first checkout as a GUEST. Then after completion - if you choose too - you can set a log-in with password and it will remember your address details when you return to the shop. Credit card details are NOT stored.

Existing Customers / If you used our old shop but not this new one

EVERYONE who previously used our old shop will have a log-in (as long as they have the same email) HOWEVER you will need to RESET the password as we were not able to migrate these over. To do this, there is a 'reset Password' link near the 'Log-in' button'.



100% safe and secure ...

We are 100% secure PSI compliant.

We are 100% secure PSI compliant.

What this means is NO credit card details of any kind are ever stored, not even temporarily, by us, on our computers or premises - all credit card data is controlled via the end merchant banking secure servers. NO one can get hold of your data that you provide to us. These are SECURE, FAR more than if you were to mail your credit card details to someone, GIVE them to a waiter in a restaurant (NEVER let the card out of your sight here by the way), or dare we say even on the telephone, in all of these cases the merchant could WRITE down or 'electronically 'skim' your card details -- WE COUL'D NOT even if we wanted to :-) - and nor could anyone if they broke in to our premises and even if they stole our computer.

Can you be guaranteed of this shopping elsewhere??? - often NOT.

Why buy from 'ElvisPresleyShop.com'?

We are Elvis fans ... 

There can be NO doubt that the fact that we are Elvis fans, like you, that an extra level of care and service is in play After all as we see it, we TCB in the name of the King. So in buying from us you get properly packed orders so you don't receive damaged items, and everything else that goes hand-in-hand with the terms good and quality service.

Problems, something not working?


See our 'Help' page for 'Self Help' for most any issue. Or Contact Us.

Shop with confidence ...

David Troedson
Elvis Australia / ElvisPresleyShop.com

Elvis Australia : Elvis Presley Official Fan Club
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