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The Colonel - The Extraordinary Story of Colonel Tom Parker and Elvis Presley


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The Colonel - The Extraordinary Story Of Colonel Tom Parker And Elvis Presley

The first quarter of a century of Parker's life is full of holes: remarkably little is known of what he did. This is perhaps less surprising for his early years as a child and youth in the Netherlands, but even the time following his two trips to the USA, when he was for a great deal of that time apparently a member of the US armed forces, his exact machinations are veiled, despite the clearly rigourous efforts of Alanna Nash to uncover exactly what he did and, indeed, who he was, for it seems he used more than one alias.

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- Interview with Alanna Nash

- Interview with Colonel Parker
- Interview with Loanne Parker
- Photos - Colonel Parker and Elvis Presley
- Colonel Parkers Birthday on the Set of the '68 Special

- I Met The Colonel

- Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis Presley's Manager, Dead at 87

To find out more about Colonel Parker, we recommend this excellent book, The Colonel by Alanna Nash and the DVDs TCB Gang and Colonel Parker.

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